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To see the actual source code for these talks, go to the GitHub repo here.

Niethard, N., Hasegawa, M., Itokazu, T., Oyanedel, C. N., Born, J., & Sato, T. R. (2016). Sleep-Stage-Specific Regulation of Cortical Excitation and Inhibition. Current Biology. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cub.2016.08.035


To see the actual source code for this poster, go to the GitHub repo here.



Krishnan GP, Chauvette S, Shamie I, Soltani S, Timofeev I, Cash SS, et al. Cellular and neurochemical basis of sleep stages in the thalamocortical network. eLife. 2016;5: e18607. https://doi.org/10.7554/eLife.18607

  • ya-pandoc-template, a simple system (wrapper) combining a Makefile with Pandoc templates that lets you effortlessly turn Markdown content into HTML presentations, LaTeX documents, etc. using personally-stylized templates.
  • poorquery, a program for quickly visualizing a large number of PNG picture files. This finds all PNG files that match a bash match (including wildcards) and builds a single HTML file with references to the PNGs, allowing for quick viewing of very many PNGs in your browser.
  • evernote-to-markdown, a very preliminary, possibly out of date program to convert Evernote XML files into Markdown files. In the future I’ll probably make something like this for Evernote -> Emacs’ Org mode.
  • A collection of simple bash scripts I find to be particularly helpful when searching across code and interacting/synchronizing files between my local computer and a cluster.